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Kansas Learning Forward Alliance



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Who We Are:

The Kansas Learning First Alliance (KLFA) is a coalition of educational organizations in Kansas representing school boards, administrators, teachers, teacher educators, parents, the Kansas State Board of Education, and the Kansas State Department of Education. With the founding of KLFA in February 1999, Kansas was the first state to have a partnership affiliated with the national Learning First Alliance.

Our Mission:

The mission of KLFA is “to unite the education community to improve our outstanding public education system, pre-K through higher education, to empower each Kansan to succeed in the diverse, interdependent world of the 21st century.”

To achieve our mission, KLFA has chosen three goals.  These are our work groups:

  • Improving student learning;
  • Strengthening the professional learning of educators;
  • Engaging the community in school improvement and student achievement efforts.