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2013 KRA Conference

Oct. 14, 2013 KRA Conference

KLFA May 16, 2013 Meeting Features Character Education Partnership

Mark Hyatt, President/CEO of Character Education Partnership will join Sue Kidd and Tom Foster at the May 16th meeting! Feel free to bring additional organizational members, just RSVP so we can coordinate space and lunch.

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May 16th Flier

Next Generation Science Standards

Matt Krehbiel, Science Education Program Consultant with KSDE, has shared the following information.

The second public draft of the Next Generation Science Standards will be available for review and feedback on January 8, 2013, at 2:00 PM CST.

The Kansas NGSS review team has played a critical role in the development of the NGSS to this point and we are very interested in feedback from a wider group in KS.  When you review the standards, please indicate in the demographic information that you are from Kansas.

As with previous drafts, Achieve and NSTA encourage teachers to review the draft and provide feedback online to Achieve during the comment period, which ends January 29. To review the draft when it is released, go to

To get prepared to review the draft, please take advantage of the following resources on the KSDE Science website:

KSDE Science Home:

NGSS Main Page:

Resources for the K-12 Framework for Science Education, which serves as the foundation for the NGSS:

Overview of the Development Process for NGSS:

Learning the structure of the Next Generation Science Standards:

Recordings and Presentations from my Fall Webinar Series on NGSS:

Here are a couple of upcoming NSTA webinars on NGSS:

Monday, January 7a special web seminar on organizing and leading a study group. Harold Pratt, NSTA past president, and Ted Willard, director of NSTA’s efforts around NGSS, will lead this popular seminar. Register for this web seminar here. Read the NSTA Guide for Leading a Study Group on Next Generation Science Standards, Second Public Draft (PDF).

Wednesday, January 9, at 7:30 p.m. (Eastern), NSTA will host a web seminar on key components of the second NGSS draft featuring Stephen Pruitt, Vice President for Content, Research and Development for Achieve. The 90-minute webinar will also include NSTA President Karen Ostlund. To register for the web seminar, click here.

These standards will have a significant influence on the next decade of science education and I really encourage everyone to add your voice to the effort.

Matt Krehbiel

Science Education Program Consultant


Ph: (785) 296-8108