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Kansas Featured on LFA Podcast

Dayna Richardson, KLFA Chair, talks about the work of KLFA and educators across the state to advocate for public support for the Kansas College and Career Ready Standards. Kansas educators were involved in the development of the standards in a process very similar to how we’ve done it for years. Once they were adopted by KSBE, professional learning opportunities were imbedded in the implementation process for steady, deliberate integration into the curriculum.

Podcasts: Middle School Matters

This podcast series at the Middle School Matters website is produced by Middle School educators who truly believe in the Middle School philosophy. After listening to themselves tell others that education is changing and needs to be done differently, they decided to put their “money where their mouth is” and do some professional development, networking, and more in a different way.

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Podcast: Connecting Obama’s Preschool Plan to School ‘Turnaround’ Efforts

This post was written by Early Education Initiative Director Lisa Guernsey:

“Early childhood advocates are thrilled about President Obama’s plan for bringing preschool to more children, but the K-12 world has reason to get excited as well. As described in our Turnaround 2.0 event at New America last month, turning around elementary schools will be very difficult without more access to preschool as well as high-quality classrooms in the K-3 grades. In this podcast, we talk with Sam Oertwig, director of implementation for FirstSchool program at the University of North Carolina, about what policies are needed to improve elementary schools around the country. This is the latest installment of Education Watch podcast, a bi-weekly dose of analysis and commentary on the latest news in the world of public education in the United States.”

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Podcasts: Bullying Resources from the ASCA

Podcasts from the American School Counselor Association (ASCA)

  • On bullying, ASCA conference keynote speaker Jodee Blanco, author of “Please Stop Laughing at Me,” shares her experiences with being bullied, what she has learned and how she now helps schools confront and deal with bullying issues.
  • Brent Burnham, a 2011 School Counselor of the Year finalist, discusses the comprehensive bully prevention program at his school. The program involves students, staff, administrators and the community.
  • On January 26th, 2010 (scroll down), PTA Radio took a critical look at how bullying has gone viral and taken a deadly turn. Special guests- Whitney Meagher, PTA; and Dr. Michele Borba, child expert and award-winning author of “The Big Book of Parenting Solutions”