Podcast: Connecting Obama’s Preschool Plan to School ‘Turnaround’ Efforts

This post was written by Early Education Initiative Director Lisa Guernsey:

“Early childhood advocates are thrilled about President Obama’s plan for bringing preschool to more children, but the K-12 world has reason to get excited as well. As described in our Turnaround 2.0 event at New America last month, turning around elementary schools will be very difficult without more access to preschool as well as high-quality classrooms in the K-3 grades. In this podcast, we talk with Sam Oertwig, director of implementation for FirstSchool program at the University of North Carolina, about what policies are needed to improve elementary schools around the country. This is the latest installment of Education Watch podcast, a bi-weekly dose of analysis and commentary on the latest news in the world of public education in the United States.”

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