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The Student Learning work group of the Kansas Learning First Alliance has developed position papers for both reading and mathematics reflecting the KLFA vision of how student learning can be improved in Kansas.  Each group has also implemented programmatic activities to advance their vision.  Visit the links below to learn more about the products and projects of the Student Achievement subgroup of KLFA.


Current Major Topics:

Common Core State Standards (CCSS) – Kansas is one of the many states that has signed on to adopt these Common Standards in selected curriculum areas.  Kansas educators are in a state of transition from being guided by currently adopted State Curriculum Standards to utilizing the new standards. 
Next Generation Standards Resources (including Common Core) – KLFA is constructing a growing Resource Center for practitioner support to implement Next Generation standards… Social Studies, Science, and CCSS for Math and English/Language Arts.
21st Century Skills – Kansas Learning First Alliance member organizations have fully embraced the guidance of the Partnership for 21st Century Skills for infusing critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, and communication skills across the curriculum.
College and Career Readiness – Ensuring that students become college and career ready is the focus of 21st Century educators. This involves engaging students in relevant learning experiences so they are prepared for their future. Ensuring their future success via a quality education will have a tremendous impact on the economy of our state. This PowerPoint developed by the Kansas School Superintendents Association discusses the journey of their Task Force to define “College and Career Ready.”

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