Kansas Learning First Alliance

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Revised March 8, 2012

Article I

Purpose and Name

The purpose of the Kansas Learning First Alliance (hereafter, KLFA) is to make Kansas first in the nation in teaching and learning.

Objectives of the Organization

The KLFA members are committed to working together to:

  • Improve achievement for all students.
  • Promote the positive impact of effective and accessible professional development.
  • Encourage meaningful public engagement that ensures support for public schools.

Article II


Section 2.1 Twenty-two organizations formed the charter membership in KLFA.  The list of charter member organizations is included in Appendix A.

Section 2.2 Each member organization of KLFA shall be entitled to one vote in decisions taken by KLFA.

Section 2.3 With the affirmative vote of two‑thirds of the member organizations present at the meeting, additional education organizations committed to the purposes and objectives of KLFA may be added to the membership.  These new member organizations shall be entitled to vote and hold office.

Section 2.4 With the affirmative vote of two‑thirds of the member organizations present at the meeting, observer status may be accorded other organizations or individuals that are interested in the pursuit and advancement of the purpose and objectives of KLFA. Observer members may attend meetings of KLFA and participate in the discussions, but shall not have a vote or hold office.

Section 2.5 A member organization may resign by writing to the Chair of KLFA. The KLFA may reinstate former member organizations in good standing with an affirmative vote of two‑thirds of the member organizations present at the meeting.

Article III

Steering Committee

Section 3.1  The Steering Committee consists of these five member organizations:  Kansas Association of School Boards, Kansas Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, Kansas National Education Association, Kansas Staff Development Council, and United School Administrators of Kansas.

Section 3.2  The Steering Committee shall transact the business of KLFA in the interim between the meetings of KLFA. It will have and exercise the powers, as assigned by KLFA, necessary to implement the policies of KLFA. The Chair of the Steering Committee shall report to KLFA of actions taken by the Steering Committee at the next KLFA meeting.

Section 3.3  The Steering Committee shall have the power to enter into cooperative relationships with other agencies or organizations when, in its judgment, such a relationship is desirable to achieve KLFA objectives.

Section 3.4  The Steering Committee shall meet at the call of the Chair or a majority of its members, at such time and place as they shall determine. A majority of the membership of the Steering Committee shall constitute a quorum.

Section 3.5  The Steering Committee shall submit a slate including at least one nominee for each position any time an officer vacancy occurs.

Article IV

Meetings and Procedures of KLFA

Section 4.1  There shall be established meetings of KLFA each year.  These meetings will be held on a date agreed upon by at least two‑thirds of the members of KLFA.

Section 4.2  Each member organization shall be represented by a member appointed by the governing board of the member organization. These representatives are expected to regularly report at the governing board meetings of the member organizations.

Section 4.3  Meetings of KLFA will focus on achieving its objectives.

Section 4.4  Any policy, mission statement, or position paper used by KLFA in a public arena shall be approved by consensus of the members.  There are a limited times when voting by majority or two-thirds vote is specified by the Constitution.  These times are for internal matters such as membership, meeting times, or budget matters as designated in the Constitution.

Section 4.5  A budget will be established within which the Steering Committee will operate.  The Steering Committee will oversee the acquisition and expenditure of funds.  No contract, debt or other obligation extending beyond the approved budget shall be binding unless approved by KLFA.

Section 4.6  The KLFA Chairperson shall control and manage the materials, supplies, and equipment (the property) of KLFA.

Article V

Officers and their Duties

Section 5.1 The officers of KLFA shall be a Chair and Chair-Elect.  The Chair and Chair-Elect shall be from different KLFA member organizations.

Section 5.2 The officers of the association shall perform the duties usually performed by such officers. The Chair of KLFA shall serve as convener of the established meetings of KLFA.

Section 5.3 The terms of officers shall be for two years, commencing on or before July 1. Officers may not serve in the same position for consecutive terms.

Article VI


Section 6.1 The Chair and Chair-Elect shall be a member of one of KLFA member organizations. They shall be elected by majority vote at a KLFA meeting.

Section 6.2 The Chairperson or his/her designee shall serve as spokesperson for KLFA.

Article VI

Organizational Resources

Section 7.1 There are no formal fees assessed on member organizations.  However, organizations are expected to contribute in-kind assistance to the projects and operations of KLFA according to their ability.

Section 7.2 Representatives and employees of member organizations are expected to contribute their services to KLFA meetings and activities without receiving compensation from KLFA.

Article VIII


Section 8.1 Business of KLFA and the Steering Committee shall be conducted under the consensus model.  When voting is necessary, it will be done by majority or two-thirds vote of the member organizations present at the meeting, whichever is designated by the Constitution.

Section 8.2 Incorporation, 501(c)(3) status, surety bonds, as well as other administrative issues, will be developed by legal counsel.

Article IX


Section 9.1 This constitution may be amended at any meeting of KLFA by affirmative vote of two‑thirds of the member organizations present and voting. Notice of a proposed constitution amendment must be made in writing to all member organizations two weeks before action to amend is taken at a meeting.


List of Charter Members

The charter member organizations of KLFA are the following twenty-two organizations:

  • Kansas Association for Colleges of Teacher Education
  • Kansas Association for Gifted, Talented, and Creative
  • Kansas Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development
  • Kansas Association of Elementary School Principals
  • Kansas Association of Middle School Administrators
  • Kansas Association of School Administrators
  • Kansas Association of School Boards
  • Kansas Association of School Business Officials
  • Kansas Association of Secondary School Principals
  • Kansas Association of Special Education Administrators
  • Kansas Association of Teachers of Math
  • Kansas Congress of Parents and Teachers
  • Kansas Council of Vocation Administrators,
  • Kansas National Education Association
  • Kansas North Central Association–Commission on Schools
  • Kansas Reading Association
  • Kansas Reading Professionals in Higher Education
  • Kansas School Public Relations Association
  • Kansas Staff Development Council
  • Kansas State Department of Education
  • Professional Development Leadership Academy
  • United School Administrators of Kansas